Thursday, October 9, 2008

another hair cut

Ethan is finally growing out his hair from the bald shave that he had a couple of months ago. He needed a little trim around the ears and the back. But this time he was not a happy camper...he did not sit still. We finally got it done after many tries.

Lakeview Open Market

Last night we took the kids to the open market here in Lakeview. On tuesday we found out that the open market was wednesday so we headed to Sam to buy the wagon so we can pull the kids around the market in it. They love it....they were testing it all night on tuesday. The weather was just perfect. We ate charbroil oyster from Drago...which Ted looks forward to sausage...pull pork from Cafe Adelaide..and freshly squeeze lemonade.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My little growing up

I can not believe 10 months ago I brought this 6 lbs baby look at him. He brings us so much joy. He is always smiling and have so much LIFE in him. I love you so so so much my little man..He just made 10 months.
1. will not take a bottle
2. eats just about anything
3. trying to talk
4. have 8 little teeth
5. runs in his walker
6. does not crawl..but scoot
7. loves coke, diet coke....anything in a soda can
8. loves his bath
9. always smiling
10. big FLIRT


This past weekend we had Liz's babyshower at Bac Do's house. We had alot of fun and she got some really great things. She is having a baby girl!!! The theme color was "YELLOW"
I made the diaper cake and Trinh made all the cute little cupcakes.
Can't wait to see the little bundle of JOY!!!