Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Master Closet--DONE

My closet usually look like this everyday but I took this chance to go thru what I didnt or havent worn in a few years and PURGE and DONATE....I did changed out the velvet hangers for the white plastic...I found that the velvet ones don't hold up as well and they cost alot more $$. I just relabeled my shoes and organized it so that all the shoes are in one place...ex: all black heels...tan...or tennis shoes all together in one sections....

I reorganized my purse and drill holes in the boxes so that the purses can breathe ;) 

 For my shoes...

For all my BOOTS ;) 

STILL HAVE 4 MORE ON THE other side for my Uggs 

This week MEALS

Monday--asian crepe with stuffed with ground pork (eaten with fish sauce..shredded lettuce and cucumber) and pork patties
Tuesday--breakfast--buttery biscuits with scramble eggs n left over pork patties
                dinner--spaghetti with meat sauce and a side salad (lettuce and cucumber and cherry tomato) salads from last night meals...
Wednesday--fried rice--shrimp with frozen veggies (carrots/peas/corns) and with left over pork patties and scramble eggs
Friday---lasagna (left ground meat sauce from the spaghetti) with butter corn n garlic bread

 Spaghetti with meat sauce n croissant 

 Breakfast: scramble eggs/honey buttery biscuit and pork patties 

Pork patties sliced very thin with asian crepe stuffed with ground pork sauté with mushrooms/garlic/onions eaten with cucumber and shredded lettuces...and sauté shrimps with white rice 

**** Shrimp will be added with fried rice for wednesday dinner ....

my new VENTURE


I am happy to announce that I am a SCENTSY  consultant
If you dont know what it is..click on my link..u can order directly off my site also

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Another fun bday dinner

  My 3 and mommy...daddy had to work ;( 

 Hot and Sour soup 


 Fried rice 

 Fried Chicken Wings 

 Hot pot 

 Fried Tofu 

 Steam fish 

 Lemongrass chicken 

  A quick snap with mommy before they ran off 

Waiting to blow out the candles...what these 2 love to do ;) 

Happy Birthday to October babies!! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Eggroll ....eggroll and MORE EGGROLLLLL

Over the last 2 weeks the kids have been asking for eggrolls...and I also made over 100 little eggrolls on wednesday to eat for dinner and to bring over to the neighbors for "night out against crime" down my street...You can eat it anyway u like...buy itself with a little sweet and spicy sauce....with fish sauce ...or with vermacelli noodles with lots of veggies...roman lettuce/carrots/cucumbers...and fish sauce..yummy delicious...no MATTER how you choose to eat it...enjoy !!!

Food Prep

What I started doing this summer is I started to prep my food for the week...every MONDAY I would go grocery shopping and come home and start prepping the food for the week...I would wash/dry all the fruits n veggies...if I have to cut up any veggies...I would do that...like celery/carrots/bell pepper....onion...dice up some garlic...etc..

What I usually do is buy 2 type of meat..either ground meat or chicken..sometimes 3..pork chop or steak..a roast..ground turkey...or ground pork...and I would work around that...
For EX: 1 pack of ground meat...
I would dump the whole package in a pan...season with salt/pepper/garlic power/ tony...
then I would divide it into 3 meals...enough for my family of 5 ...usually that is one of those medium size rubbermaid with the red lid...then 1 night I would make...spaghetti..another night taco...and then lasagna..bake ziti..etc... so all I have to do on the weeknight is add..a jar of spaghetti sauce...and some spices...or if I am making taco..add the taco seasoning..and wala..dinner is done in 20 minutes...since most of my veggies are wash...I just have to cut up the lettuce n tomatoe ..have the cheese...and sour cream etc..

pack of chicken...I would usually cut up the pieces if its chicken breast...marinate it for whatever I need and use the bones or etc for my chicken soup ...or other soup that I am making....or chicken with my stir fry veggies...or chicken gumbo...bake chicken 

sometimes I used the left over veggies from my gumbo and spaghetti ...for stir fry with chicken and use the left over spaghetti noodles for my chicken/veggies lo-mein...

What I try to do is I try to buy and use the same meat and veggies for the entire week...steak and bake potato..then the next day if I have some potato left I would make garlic mash potato with a meat loaf from the ground meat ...

I also write down the nights menu on my family calendar and the next month I would repeat alot of my meals again ...but now that I have 6 or 7 months of meal plan...I have more variety to go from.  

I only buy and plan enough for 5 dinner meals...cuz usually I give us 2 days for going out to eat or left overs ;) 

I will post next weeks meals ..so everyone can see what is week by week meals 


What I did was empty out my ENTIRE closet onto my bed and floor of my master bedroom..then I started with my shoes...and changed out all of the hangers so that it will be all the same...I did started using the velvet hangers but I found that for the price it wasnt worth it and it was too flimsy and broke extremely easily...so I went back to the white plastic hangers ;) 

I put all of my shoes in a little plastic container and label each box with its content. Took all of my boots out and place them into a plastic container too..since most of my boot boxes were different size and made it way to bulky. 

Next I organized my scarves/belts and place them into a box with a lid...and place those on top of my shelvings....and all my wallets and clutches...since those werent being used as often. 

PURGE what didnt fit or torn..and old...

Stay tune for the FINAL PRODUCT next week ;)