Friday, November 16, 2012

Meal Planning

Sunday: Red Beans and Rice
Monday: Jambalaya 
Tuesday: Fried Rice
Wednesday:Spaghetti with meatball 
Thursday: Gumbo with shrimp/chicken and lots of okra 

Usually the weekend we would go out to eat ...I try to plan 5 meals a week 
I would prep all veggies and wash all fruits and cook up most meats and separate by meals..

For this week ..what I did was cooked up my chicken and packed up the chicken stock for the gumbo. I then would sliced up the chicken for the jambalaya. 
Cut up all my bell pepper/onions/celery for my TRINITY to be used in the red beans n rice/jambalaya/ gumbo
Diced up all garlic

Used the onion in my fried rice and spaghetti I usually cut up about 4 large onions...since I knew I would used it in all my meals for this week. 

Cook up my sausage...since I will be using that in my red beans/jambalaya/gumbo ( I cooked up a whole large package) 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Night w/ my 4 lil trick a treaters

We went to a friends house at 5:00 pm then went trick or treating around her neighborhood first then went back to our neighborhood and trick or treat with some of our friends...This yr I really enjoyed seeing the kids...especially Chloe...she went up to every house and said " Happy Halloween...trick or treat..then thank them for her lil loot"  it was also very impressive to watch her take ONLY 1 CANDY from the baskets/bucket etc...she was amazed by all the different decorations n costume that was out there...
I think they also had a great time selecting which costume to wear next...Chloe was ..Snow White...Princess Aurora..and Tinkerbell...she LOVED dressing up in a different Princess for each occasion...What will THEY choose  next yr????

Bday party @ City Park with the kids

Most Saturdays during the school year you would find us at a birthday party...either for Madison or Ethan ...this weekend we had 2 on Saturday...the first one was for one of Ethan class mate at City was such a beautiful weather to have it outside and a real treat that we got to meet Sir Saints (New Orleans Saints Mascot)  the kids got to run around City Park and enjoy the weather and DELICIOUS food....

Trick a Trunk @ EJ hospital with my 3 lil ones

 The week before Halloween ..we all loaded our cars up and went to EJ Hospital to join in on the Trick a Trunk ...the kids had a blast...last yr we went too but this yr they had more fun..I guess cuz they knew what to do and what to expect...the hospital staff was too 3 came home with a HUGE LOOT of sweets ;) 
Thanks EJ Hospital...cant wait for next yr ...