Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chloe Baptism

Chloe Baptism.....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

its only thursday???

Wow what a morning...Chloe got a little cough so last night wasnt such a great night for my little peanut. She was up every of course this am was a ver slow start for the Nguyen resident... I dont think 2 venti starbuck could even save me today.

I finally dragged myself out of bed at 745 am myself dressed...then all the kids dressed...feed Chloe....then got breakfast for Madison n Ethan...this was definitely a cereal n milk kind of day for me but they wouldnt have it that way (of course) ...Ethan wanted rice...Madison...CANDY...the way I was feeling..she could have knock herself out with the whole candy jar....hehe

Then I threw in my bed sheets to get wash (every weeks routine...I gotta change my sheets once a week...) then grab the vacuum...getting it ready for when the 2 lil monkeys finished their breakfast. Chloe napping on the I took this opportunity to get all my phone calls/email in...made appt for all my showing tomorrows. Paid all my bills and called the AC guy to service AC (upstairs unit not getting I would like it too)

I think I had a very productive morning so far....wash/dry 2 loads of clothes, vacuum the whole house, pay all bills and got all appt for showing done..

Hope everyone is having a Great Thursday!!

Cant wait for the WEEKEND....

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


LIFE with 3 little ones has been FUN...CRAZY...DIFFERENT...FAST and has put the BLOG on the backburner... is an UPDATE in a NUTSHELL
May 18, 2010--Chloe was born (thank goodness that Madison was out of school)
3 weeks after Madison had camp for 3 weeks (not long enough)

June 28, 2010-- Madison bday
had her bday party at BooKoo Bounce (I wanted to do something that was gonna be easy for me....and they were gonna take care of everything...all I had to do was order some finger sandwiches...couldnt beat that )

July 7, 2010---hubby bday

as for now still trying to adjust to having baby #3 ...and the chaotic of my everyday life

Monday, July 12, 2010

red beans.....

3 cups of beans (I soak mines over night) will expand so put it in a big pot when u are soaking it

1 stick of butter
ham hock
sausage (I buy the spicy sausage)
pickles meat and bacon
pickle ham (u can used any type of meats that u like)
1 small onion (cut into small piece)
4 stalks of celery (cut up into small pieces)

2 t of garlic power
1 t of sugar
1 T of worschester sauce
1 t of onion power
1 t of dried parsley
1 t of chili power
2 bay leaf

Fill a large pot up with h2o --I pour in a whole gallon ...then I just throw everything in the pot and cook on high until it gets boiling then I turned it to low and cook for about 4 the end I would smooch the beans again the pot so that it would get that creamy consistency

I like my sausage to have a grill taste so I cook the sausage separately

Red Beans and Rice? Pork Chops?

Every monday I go thru the same thing especially after a great weekend with family filled with yummy food and wonderful company...WHAT TO COOK?? or WHERE TO EAT??
I guess its a red bean and rice ....I just want to throw everything in a pot and get on my day.....
pay bills, shopping list for the week, make out my weeks menu and return all emails

newest LSU fan

LSU onesie and a burp cloth (thanks to John who works with Ted @ the hospital)

Chloe is becoming a LSU fan...
all ready to go to the games. She will be going in STYLE
now she will match with all of us

Friday, July 2, 2010

shrimp roban

My Version of Shrimp Roban
1 bottle of ur favorite alfredo sauce
2 cup of heavy cream
2 T of tony (blue label) if u dont have that u cna also use blacken seasoning (can use more--add accordingly to ur taste)
1 t of pepper flakes
1 C of Parmesan cheese
green onion/parsley/pepper flakes ---for garnish

* shrimp or crawfish can be used in this recipe

1 pound of penne or shell
sprinkle with parmesan at the end

shrimp roban

Roast Beef...

chuck roast--I got 2 piece from Sam...(I like chuck roast because it has some fat which makes it less dry)
1 pack of lipton onion soup mix
1 t black pepper
3 T of worschester
1 T of garlic power
1 T of onion power
1 small onion (dice)
5 cloves of garlic (I love garlic...if ur not a big fan then use less)
1 T of tony (seasoning)
1 C of water
1/2 t of sugar
1 T of flour

*u might need more salt...can add soy sauce or more tony

throw everything in a crockpot (I usually cook it overnight on low for 8 hours)
what I did was put all the ingrd inthe crockpot and mix it up well...then put the chuck roast on top

serve with a any type of bread (I love it with french bread--toasted) and mayo/mustard etc

or u can serve it with mashed potatoe the juice is YUMMY...


Thursday, July 1, 2010

6 weeks

6 weeks
10 lbs 2 oz
21.5 inches in length
75th percentile

my pride and joy