Sunday, December 30, 2007

What to expect from 2008

Tomorrow is New Years Eve 2008 and boy has time fly by.I have been thinking alot about 2007 and wondering what I can do to make 2008 better. I love the whole "fresh new start" things that comes w/ the new year.I want to live it to the fullest.I have a few things that I definitely want to improve on for 2008.One is which to be a better PLANNING and PREPARING.I am such a last minute "fly by the seat of my pants girl" I think it is time for me to be a better planner in order to be more efficient w/ my time.

I am not trying to assume what 2008 will bring. I will learn to expect the unexpected.But what I have learned from 2007 is that no matter what it is very important to LIVE each moment to the fullest.To be conscious, purposeful, and present.

I am so looking forward to what 2008 will bring for me and my wonderful FAMILY.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


What is it about newborn that changes you?
When Ethan came into this world he brought w/ him some much needed changes. Changes for me....patiences, a slower pace of life, hanging around the house w/ my 2 kiddo.Thankyou Ethan for opening my eyes and appreciating the most tiny things of life.
I am loving LOVING this new little life

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Madison was overworked the 1st day that baby Ethan came home. She is such a wonderful "big" sister

She adores her little baby brother
Finally, getting some time to relax

Ethan today...

Ethan at 1 week

Ethan today

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Our Little Man Ethan

Ethan Cong Nguyen
December 4, 2007
3:38 am
6 lb 11 oz
19.5 in
Bundle of JOY!!

Madison loves kissing her little baby brother

She is very excited he is finally here!!!
And so are WE!!!

Our Little Man Ethan

Ethan Cong Nguyen

December 4, 2007

3:38 am

6 lb 11 oz

19.5 inches

Bundle of JOY!!!

She is very happy he is here.

Daddy, Madison and Ethan

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Jennifer "Bowling" Bday Party

Happy 4th Birthday Jenn

The "Model" Look

Look how cool I look!!!

Celebration In The Oaks

I wanted to get everything done before baby #2 came so here we are in City Park for Celebration in the Oaks. We took Madison on the train ride. It was kinda cold but she enjoyed the ride so much. She wanted to go on the carousel but we didn't have time. Now I can scratch another thing off my list that I wanted to get done this Christmas.
We just have a few more things to do to get our house decorated and we will be finished. Happy decorating to you all.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

One Step Closer...

My finish xmas tree
Madison admiring the finish work
Madison was such a big help this year. She helped me decorated the tree...literally helped me (and I am not talking about taking the ornaments down) she pass the ornaments to me so I can place them on the tree and she helped me wrap the all the presents by tearing the pieces of tape for me (even though some pieces could be a little shorter).I think I am going to really love this Christmas esp. w/ our new addition coming any day now.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas Tree Shopping

We finally decided on a tree
Daddy playing "peek a boo"
Loading the tree onto the truck
Madison waiting for them to trim the tree
Getting ready to dress the tree

Thanksgiving in Thibby

This year I decided to do a turduckling...not bad ha? It was yummy too.

Early Thanksgiving Dinner at the House

Bac Thuy and Co Lan came to visit us for the Thanksgiving holiday. It was great b/c they helped me out so much....folding the clothes, washing tons of dishes and especially babysitting Madison for me. Many thanks to you guys. Please come back anytime!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hornets Game

This was Madison's first basketball game and she had such a great time. At first she was scared of all the loud noise and the bright lights but after the 1st quarter she got used to it and was having a blast.She really got into the game w/ yelling and screaming w/ everyone else--"defense or offense". Then when they gave out the balloon to distract the other team...she was having a blast waving the balloon in the air too.
All the junk food didn't help us either--first it was the nacho and popcorn then pizza. But I guess that is why it is so much fun.