Monday, April 27, 2009

so good

This is one of weekend regular...get together w/ the family and just eat, hang out and shop. This weekend was great we..all went out to eat sushi on saturday night then we all went back to my place after for cake. Then on Sunday we ate brunch at my house (roll w/ the hotpot-butter style) , chicken/sausage jambalaya, tomatoe basil soup, panini. then we went shopping then back to my house again for more food...we made combination lomein and strawberry rice krispie treats.
I always look forward to my weekends now...cuz we do so much...looking forward to next weekend..more bday party and get together...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

this is what they are getting

Madison have been having so many bday party to go to I have been getting all of them the same gift...beach towels w/ their names embrodered on it. I love things that have the kids name on it.
These are just for the next 2 weeks...I am about to go get 5 more..for bday for the month of MAY...

my new STAPLE in my pantry

I had "sprinkle" cupcake the last time I was in California and Dallas and they were so when I saw that William-Sonoma were selling them in the store..I snatch up 1 to try and they were so paying 4.oo each for a I made these this morning w/ my little Maddy..they were easy and so good.
Now I have 10 container in my pantry for whenever I need to whip up some cupcakes for a bday party or just some for the kiddos to eat.
Ethan loves it...he ate the red velvet part and Madison ate the cream cheese frosting..

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

recipe for sugar cookies

Does anyone have a good recipe for easter sugar cookies???
Please email it to me at

or u can leave it in the comment section...thanks

Monday, April 6, 2009

St PiUs FaiR

Madison school had a fair this past sunday....the weather was perfect for the fair. I was very scared bc there were many times that the clouds were out and a few times we even felt a few drops... but thank goddness it was a beautiful day.

I had to work at the lollipop stand...

Easter Egg Hunt

On Sunday our neighbors invited us over to there house for an Easter Egg Hunt...the kids had so much fun. They had finger sandwiches, hotdogs, and beautiful Easter sugar cookies. There was so many Beautiful Easter Baskets there...


Can U guess who this is??? YES!!! It is Kelly Ripa...
On Saturday Night we went out to GW Fins and when we were sitting at the bar waiting for our whole party to arrive and in walks in Kelly Ripa, Faith Ford, her hubby and her parents.

Girls Night Out @ GW Fins

Saturday we went to GW Fins for our girls night out on the town then after dinner we went to Masquerade....we had such a great time. See u girls in May...

Katherine bday --Princess Tea Party

Madison was invited to a Princess Tea bday party by one of her was so much fun to see all the little princess dress up in their favorite princess character. Madison was having so much fun...she couldnt decides which Princess outfit to wear..