Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ethan...what he is up too

I cant believe that Ethan is 13 months now and he is just getting into EVERYTHING... he put a whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet, he does the ET finger pointing, he pretends he calls his daddy, he gets on the floor and exercise w me. He is a very HAPPY baby...he eats everything..and I mean EVERYTHING...I la la la LOVE him so much...he brings so much JOY to our famil

Tri Surprise Bday Party

Trinh Bui (Tri GF) planned a surprise bday party at my hosue on saturday. The food was so good...we had bbq ribs, crab and corn soup, beef brisket w/ bread, chicken alfredo pasta, fried chicken wings, chicken tenders, and dessert is chocolate fondue.

We had a rock band and all...we had great entertainment that night also...

Monday, January 5, 2009

this is how it looked this year

Many of my friends and family asked me what am I going to do this year w/ xmas decorations and xmas preparations w/ Ethan ....being so active....Actually, this year I have done the most compared to all the other years. Since Madison was off from school for 2 whole weeks...we went to Barnes n Noble almost every other day (because they had reading time and crafts) we baked cookies almost everyday right after Thanksgiving. We even had a chance to build a gingerbread house. The only thing that I did different is all of my ornaments on my tree was shutterproof and I didnt put as much ornaments on the tree as I would have liked to....but all in all it was a wonderful xmas.
Madison was wonderful this year...she was such a BIG helper..she helped me decorate the xmas tree, wrapped presents, and helped me baked all these cookies.
Ethan...I think this year got the hang of unwrapping all his presents....but he was great w/ not touching the ones under the xmas tree. He was also very good w/ not going by the xmas tree (like I thought he would) he left all the ornaments alone...the only thing that he did was he would knock down the train so we decided to take it down this year early.
All in all I think we all had a GREAT Christmas this year..

Khoi and Vicky Engagement

Jennifer and Madison in their same dress

Madison , Felicia, Jennifer

The "Jones"

Vicky and Khoi
Congratulation to the both of you!!!!

New Years Eve

Hailey in her party outfit

Madison and Mommy

Khoi and Vicky..New Years Kiss

Thong w/ his champagne (Verdi)

Ringing in the New Year

the 2 "Trinh"

Ethan, Me, Linda, Nhung,Thanh, Kylah, and MyLinh


Sunday, January 4, 2009


this year i have decided to do a resolution that i know i can keep...not like all my other losing weight..blah blah blah. my resolution is to have have more patiences w/ my 2 kiddos and hubby. my other resolution is home office and my clients information. and last but not least to spend more time w/ my family esp my 2 little ones.

lets see how this resolution works out.