Monday, January 18, 2010

what the soul needed..

This past weekend ...all the girls decided to take a little trip to satisfy our little we packed up the car and headed to Houston...our first stop was Thai Spice for lunch then we went to the Juicebox for some yummy dessert. Next we headed to Memorial Mall then to the Galleria for some shopping...BOY did we do some damage. Next we headed to Saigon Pagolac for some dinner...we wanted some dessert so badly but the only place that was opened was Lee's we got some gelato.
Sunday we headed to some Dim Sum then to get some che from Che Hien Khanh and some Banh Cuon from Thien Thanh and some sandwich from Lee's Sandwich. Then we headed back to the Galleria to finished off the damage.
Thanks Girls for a wonderful trip....cant wait for our next GIRLS TRIP...




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