Friday, February 5, 2010


I don’t know about you, but I love Barnes and Noble. Every time that I go into that store I lose track of time. I wander like a little kid in a candy store. Nothing makes me feel more like myself then when I am browsing through books. Be it a cookbook, novel, magazine or even the childrens department.It is a place I go when I need to escape just to clear my mind. I will grab myself a cappuccino/latte or a crazy dessert that Starbucks is offering. I always end up leaving with a little something. Even if its a Thomas Train for Ethan....but it isusually a book that was in the clearance area or a cookbook that I have browsed through many times.The books are like old friends. Letting me into their worlds and showing me places I would love to go. Teaching me things that I once didn’t know. Showing me that I can escape for just a while, even if it is there bindings. When was the last time u been to Barnes and Noble??

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