Monday, December 19, 2011

Elf on the Shelf---100 things Elf can do

1. read a favorite book
2. use masking tape to make a path or fun words
3. play a favorite game
4. play in the nativity set
5. snowball fight with cotton balls
6. play in a bowl of spaghetti (no sauce) : )
7. eat some Winter Oreo Cookies w/ Red Creme and dip in milk
8. bake a cake for Jesus birthday
9. play checker or chess
10. spin the bottle with stuffed animals
11. make a mess in the bathroom with the toothpaste
12. getting into the shaving cream
13. hang from a balloon bouquet
14. paint the kids noses with lipstick or sharpie (to match Rudolph)
15 play the Wii or Nintendo
16. hang on the Christmas tree
17. Elf The Car or make the car a Reindeer Vehicle
18. play the piano or guitar- holiday song sheet music is perfect
19. replace family photos with elf photo
20. elf photo appears as the screensaver on the family computer
21. write "ho ho ho" in toothpaste in the bathroom sink
22. hack into email or Facebook leave a fun little message
23. use dry erase marker to write on glass covering a family picture
25. take pictures (of themselves) - find the digital camera full of elf pics
26. love to drive. Find the car is parked crazy or car speakers blaring Christmas music.
27. put together a Christmas puzzle
28. unroll toilet paper - TP the Christmas tree or kids room
29. make snow angels in flour/sugar on the counter
30. empty out a drawer
31. use masking tape to tape something up
32. do a crossword puzzle
33. snack on candy - empty a candy bag
34. love Christmas music. Christmas music is on with the CD's everywhere
35. be a trapeze artist on a chandelier, kitchen rack, etc...
36. try on all the coats in the closet - leave in a pile
37. knit or crochet
38. write on an Etch A Sketch
39. use a dry erase marker to write some fun words on a mirror on window
40. use sharpie and write on mom or dad (the forehead would get a good laugh)
41. go fishing with goldfish crackers
42. sit atop a chandelier (make sure there is no fire hazard)
43. go sledding
44. sit on top of folded laundry
45. tea party with stuffed animals/barbies
46. love to drive Barbie sized car or jeep
47. color in a coloring book
48. bake some cookies and leave the mess for the kids to clean ; )
49. hang Multi Color Mini Christmas Lights in the kids room
50. leave fast food wrappers (with leftovers) scattered around
51. get out the hair dryer and hair bows
52. hide in snow boots or coat pockets
53. make a cup tower with cups
54. display the kids underwear and socks all over the bedroom or family room
55. play with play dough and cookie cutters
56. make a mess with the cereal - spell out the kids names with cereal
57. make lego figurines or sculptures
58. gets out the exercise equipment - headband around the elf's head is a must
59. marshmallow fight
60. snowball fight with cotton balls
61. turn milk green
62. hide something special and hide with it
63. paint on a piece of art paper a self-portrait
64. grab the remote for some TV viewing
65. hide in the freezer (they miss the north pole)
66. popcorn fight
67. play on the computer keyboard. elf the family (
68. do interesting things with candy canes - hang everywhere
69. wait at the bus stop for the kids to arrive
70. leave an elf Elf on the Shelf Ornament on the tree
71. play with blocks
72. get into stickers (round colored labels) and leave a mess
73. make paper snowflakes and hang around
74. bake some Christmas cookies
75. check out the fish bowl
76. ride a skateboard
77. ride a bike
78. hide in the mittens and place in an unusual spot
79. playground planking
80. hang from the rearview mirror in the car
81. graffiti with Can of Spray Snow
82. leaves a gingerbread house kit to decorate
83. to bring new socks or mittens to the kids
84. perch atop a headboard or picture frame
85. write out the dinner menu using wacky north pole terms for dinner
86. leave notes about doing well in school
87. love to make a mess with diapers and diaper wipes
88. green pee in the toilet
89. play with toys
90. play in bath bubbles
91. make an igloo with Sugar Cubes
92. hang out of the Christmas stocking
93. read the polar express book with lots of Jingle Bells scattered around
94. make a mess with Christmas lights
95. use scrabble tiles to leave a Christmas message
96. paint everyones toes red
97. sweep the kitchen
98. pile all the couch pillows into a pile
99. play tic-tac-toe on the bathroom mirror with lipstick or spray snow
100. write a letter to the kids using the world's smallest letter kit

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