Monday, September 22, 2008

Dedicated to Stuey

From Thao...Lien's Husband

I just wanted to let ya'll know Stuey got killed yesterday. Evidently the gate was open while my dad was moving the truck and Spot ran out while my Mom was letting Stuey use the restroom in the front of the house. Spot knocked my mom down and scratched her up while trying to get to Stuey. Her elbow, stomach, and chest is scratched up and her back is a little hurt when Spot was on her. She was pretty upset over the incident since she was there when Spot killed Stuey. From speaking with my dad today, my mom is doing better. I ended up burying Stuey in my mom's backyard by the trees since he loved to play outdoors.
Lien is pretty distraught over the whole matter. She hasn't eaten or drank anything significant for the last 24 hours since the incident and she wasn't able to sleep at all last night. She's been pretty much crying the entire time. She went to work this morning, but seemed like she was still pretty shook up over the situation. I know it seems like Stuey was just a dog, but as you guys know - I'm out of town a lot and when I'm in town I'm always working late. Stuey was her constant companion. He was always there waiting for her at the stairs wagging his tail when she got home from work... she walked him, fed him, played with him for hours on end. He'd wake her up in the morning and be the last thing she see and talk to before she went to bed. He was such a sweet smart playful dog. Whenever Lien would drop me off at the airport, she'd have Stuey with her so it made it easier for me to leave on my week long trips and gave me peace of my mind that she has someone to take care of and to take care of her.
I just wanted to make ya'll aware of the situation so if and when you talk to Lien, please don't ask where Stuey is or how's he doing. Lien keeps bringing up the fact how she was looking forward to bringing Stuey home to play with Doggie and Poofer (she keeps saying how Stuey loved Poofer). Hopefully Lien will be better soon. I know Stuey was just a dog... but he was my and Lien's dog. Stuey was Lien's world and Lien is my world. So if and when you guys talk to her and she still seems a little bit down, please bear with us and please forgive us in advance. We by no means want to seem like a dog dying is the end of the world. But since Lien is in Texas and the rest of the family is in Louisiana, Stuey was all she did have. So please don't say to her it was just a dog and we can just get a new one. I've just never seen her so distraught and it broke my heart to see her still petting Stuey before I buried him.

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