Thursday, December 16, 2010

thru the years ...

Ethan @ 3 months old..look how chunky!! Ethan was born the smallest of the 3...

Chloe @ 3 months old




Ethan @ 4 months old

Madison @ 3 months old

Madison @ 3 months old
(Evacuated from Katrina...staying in Dallas)

Looking back at these pictures ...I realized that all 3 of my lil ones do look alike....the only thing that is a little different is that Madison and Ethan had alot of hair and Chloe is bald ;)
But they all have the same SMILE


Lan said...

I did not recognize the "fat, chunky" baby, sooo cute!!

The Nguyen Family said...

Isnt he a cutie?? Gosh...he was so chunky ;)