Monday, June 6, 2011

5 things why I LOVE being a MOM

1. Goodnight kisses, tickle fights and BIG FISH Hugs! I also love their contagious smiles! My son sure knows how to milk that one. ;)

2. My chubby babies! I was blessed with chubby babies and I LOVE every. single. roll! Those chubby cheeks, thighs, and chubby fingers are so yummy to love on! Once they grow up that a different story ;)

3. Hearing my son talk… it almost makes me sad when he learns how to pronounce his words the correct way. It’s just so dang cute listening to him say wuv you (love you), sawry (sorry), lelacopter (helicopter), baby seester (baby sister), mooore cookie pease (more cookies please), AWWSUME (awesome), Plowe (Chloe)

4. I truly enjoy getting down on the floor and playing around with my three little munchkins. I especially love doing this with my baby girl. She gets so excited and opens her mouth SO big when I get down on her level. Then there’s that giggle…ah! Nothing’s better than a laughing baby!

5. I {Heart} Nap Time. I really do. As much as I LOVE being a mom, I enjoy that time to myself to renew my magic “super mommy powers.”

I had a wonderful Mothers Day, and I hope you did too! I feel so blessed to be a mom. It definitely comes with it’s challenges, but I am so grateful for my three beautiful children. They are so fun!

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