Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Night w/ my 4 lil trick a treaters

We went to a friends house at 5:00 pm then went trick or treating around her neighborhood first then went back to our neighborhood and trick or treat with some of our friends...This yr I really enjoyed seeing the kids...especially Chloe...she went up to every house and said " Happy Halloween...trick or treat..then thank them for her lil loot"  it was also very impressive to watch her take ONLY 1 CANDY from the baskets/bucket etc...she was amazed by all the different decorations n costume that was out there...
I think they also had a great time selecting which costume to wear next...Chloe was ..Snow White...Princess Aurora..and Tinkerbell...she LOVED dressing up in a different Princess for each occasion...What will THEY choose  next yr????

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