Friday, November 16, 2012

Meal Planning

Sunday: Red Beans and Rice
Monday: Jambalaya 
Tuesday: Fried Rice
Wednesday:Spaghetti with meatball 
Thursday: Gumbo with shrimp/chicken and lots of okra 

Usually the weekend we would go out to eat ...I try to plan 5 meals a week 
I would prep all veggies and wash all fruits and cook up most meats and separate by meals..

For this week ..what I did was cooked up my chicken and packed up the chicken stock for the gumbo. I then would sliced up the chicken for the jambalaya. 
Cut up all my bell pepper/onions/celery for my TRINITY to be used in the red beans n rice/jambalaya/ gumbo
Diced up all garlic

Used the onion in my fried rice and spaghetti I usually cut up about 4 large onions...since I knew I would used it in all my meals for this week. 

Cook up my sausage...since I will be using that in my red beans/jambalaya/gumbo ( I cooked up a whole large package) 

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