Wednesday, January 5, 2011

how I love him TTM...

ready to go grocery shopping

He loves to go grocery shopping with me ever since he discover that this particular grocery store had these little buggy...even though it takes me longer when I let him push this little buggy but oh ...the LOOK in his face is so well worth the extra time...
He would go down every aisle ...and would ask me if we need this or I would tell him what we are having for dinner and what I need and then he would go searching down the aisles for it.
loading the car

He even loads it in the car for me...taking about great service...guess I have to bump his allowance up now ;)

buggy full of grocery

Buggy if full of all the things we need for dinner...HAMBURGER and Fries tonight

I guess I should really thank him cuz with this little buggy you cant really buy much so in the end I am actually saving lots of MONEY !!

Have a great day!!

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