Thursday, January 20, 2011

love letters

every HOLIDAY i try to do something fun for the kids Valentines I wanted them to participate in the "love" I got them each a mailbox so that they can write little cute notes or draw a picture for each other. I also wanted it to be a way for Madison to practice her spellings words and its a great way for her to read also...pronouncing the words out...and its also a way for them to be learn to appreciate each other and expressing nice gestures. Tonight Ethan and I wrote a little "love" letter to Madison wishing her well on her spelling test tomorrow ...
When Ethan went to sleep I wrote a little cute letter/draw a picture of how much I love Ethan and so happy that he is doing so well in his potty training ...NO ACCIDENT day or night ;)

For Chloe I just drew a whole bunch of hearts on her letter...
Cant wait to see their faces tomorrow morning :)

If anyone have any other cute suggestions that they do with their lil ones please share it....I am always looking for new ideas


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