Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pad Thai

(Got this recipe from a friend...but I tweak it a little bit)
1 lb Shrimp or chicken (cut chicken in cube)
2 T Cornstarch
3 t Soy sauce
(marinate the protein  with 3 t soy sauce n 2 T cornstarch)

2 C Pad Thai sauce
1 C Toothpick carrot (I just sliced mines really thin but you can buy yours in the veg section)
1/2 C Bean sprout
1/4 C Green onion
1/2 Onion -- chopped
4 cloves minced garlic
1/2 C crush Peanut
4 eggs--scramble
1 pack of pho noodles--soak in hot water for about 20 minutes...drain..and cut into 6 in long...makes easier to eat...don't over soak for the noodles will be soggy ---set aside

Sauce: 2 C pad Thai sauce
1 T srirache (or some chili sauce)
4 t brown sugar
2 t fish sauce (if u don't have fish sauce...add a  soy sauce instead)
Mix well

1. Scramble up 4 eggs then set aside
2. Olive oil and put the onion , garlic and sauté that up until translucent.. Then add the shrimp or chicken..
3. When the protein is cooked (if u r using shrimp... Don't over cook.. Once it's a little pink.. Add the noodles & shrimp...pour the sauce.. Toss n coat well.. Then add carrots..and egg .... I don't want the carrots to be over cook so once the sauce reduce n the noodle is al dente..I plate it
4. Garnish with some green onion.. bean sprout , crush peanuts
Squeeze some lemon or lime on it

And if u like it a little more spicier .. Add some srirache

Shrimp peel and deveined...ready for soy sauce & cornstarch 

Bean sprout, onion, peanuts and carrots 

Drained pho noodles and cut into 6 in 

Pad Thai sauce (got at the asian store) 

tofu (cubed) 

Pad Thai right before I plated it 

Noodle soaked in hot water 

Pad Thai...garnished with bean sprout, green onion and lime wedge 
also I squirt some srirache sauce all over



Janie Armato said...

This was great Felicia! Love it!

The Nguyen Family said...

Janie.. We love it too.. Made it again this week ;)
Simple n flavorful