Sunday, June 16, 2013

Chicken Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing

I went to my son end of year party and the hostess made these awesome chicken salad with pecan and red grapes.. I must have ate about 10 of them 😉
What was great about these beauty was there was no mayo in them.. So you can have them at picnic without worrying if they will go BAD...and you didn't need to keep them on ice. 

1 store bought rosterisserie chicken-- cubed  them small 
1 C poppy seed dressing (depending on how much you like you chicken salad to be wet.. You can add the whole jar... I did ;) 
1/2 C red grapes -- sliced in halves ( if they are small.. Quarter of they are are the large ones 
1/2 C of pecan 
Dash of pepper (optional) 

In a large bowl add your cubed chicken, sliced up red grapes, pecans and pour the poppy seed dressing .. Make sure to coat the chicken well. 
Serve with a croissant ;) 
It's delicious 
*** you don't really need any additional seasoning because of the rosterisserie chicken is already flavorful 

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