Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Curry beef (chuck roast) with potato and carrots

I love making anything that is a 1 pot meal .. Especially if it has a protein and veggies all in one ;) 
This curry beef stew is delicious and very flavorful.. It can be a little spicy too..just depends on how much curry you use. 
3 lb chuck roast ---cubed them into 2 in pieces (because they will shrink up during cooking) 
2 T minced lemongrass 
3 T curry powder (optional.. I like mines spicy.. You can add 2 T instead) 
2 t minced garlic 
1 t garlic powder 
2 T sugar 
1 t salt (you can add more in the end) 
7 cans of chicken broth 
2 can of coco roco ( can get at the Asian market.. It's in a soda can) 
5 carrots-- peeled and cut into little 1 in
5 medium red potato peel and cubed 
Cilantro and sliced green onion to garnish 
***french bread or vermicelli noodles or rice ***  

In a large pot with a little oil throw in your chuck, lemon grass, curry powder, minced garlic, sugar, salt, garlic powder (first 7 ingredients) .. Sauté that until meat is cook.. About 15-20 minutes.. Next add in your chicken broth and 2 can of coco roco... cook for about 1 hr on medium heat.. Then add in your potato and carrots.. Cook for about another 20 minutes and serve up. Add some black crack pepper 

Taste to see if you like it more salty or spicy .. 
Garnish with cilantro/green onion 

*** I actually add some sriracha to my bowl .. I like to dip French bread in the broth *** 

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