Saturday, June 22, 2013

Red Beans and Rice

Usually during the summer I try to cook a meal that we can eat for at least 3 meals... It's so hot to stay in the kitchen and we are so busy running around or hanging out by the pool.. Who wants to be inside right??? 

2 lb bag red kidney beans 
1 pack pig tails (I like the unsalted ones) 
1 pack pork belly marinate in salt 
1 pack cubed ham seasoned 
2 pack Hillshire sausage .. 1 spicy and 1 mild 
1 T dried parsley (if u have fresh.. It's good too) 
1 T garlic powder 
1 T Worcestershire sauce 
1 T sugar 
1 t chicken powder 
1 chopped up onion 
1 chopped up bell pepper 
5 stalk chopped celery 
3 bay leaf 

** Add last 1 stick of butter 
Hot sauce (to taste) 

***I like to soak my beans over night 

Drain the water out the beans..
In a large pot pour the beans and cover with water. I put in the pig feet and all my seasoning .. I leave the sausage until the last 30 minutes.. I don't like my sausage to cook. Sometimes I don't even put the sausage into the pot of beans.. I cook it separately then add on top when I am ready to eat. Especially since I have a spicy and a mild.. Since my kids don't like spicy 

Cook on medium for about 4 hours.. In the end.. Take your spoon and smooch the beans to the side of the pot so it can be creamy. Right before you turn off the pot.. Add the stick of butter.. 
Taste in the end.. Then add your salt last because the ham and pork belly that I used is already salted 
Serve over rice 
Garnish with parsley 

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