Wednesday, July 14, 2010


LIFE with 3 little ones has been FUN...CRAZY...DIFFERENT...FAST and has put the BLOG on the backburner... is an UPDATE in a NUTSHELL
May 18, 2010--Chloe was born (thank goodness that Madison was out of school)
3 weeks after Madison had camp for 3 weeks (not long enough)

June 28, 2010-- Madison bday
had her bday party at BooKoo Bounce (I wanted to do something that was gonna be easy for me....and they were gonna take care of everything...all I had to do was order some finger sandwiches...couldnt beat that )

July 7, 2010---hubby bday

as for now still trying to adjust to having baby #3 ...and the chaotic of my everyday life

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