Thursday, July 15, 2010

its only thursday???

Wow what a morning...Chloe got a little cough so last night wasnt such a great night for my little peanut. She was up every of course this am was a ver slow start for the Nguyen resident... I dont think 2 venti starbuck could even save me today.

I finally dragged myself out of bed at 745 am myself dressed...then all the kids dressed...feed Chloe....then got breakfast for Madison n Ethan...this was definitely a cereal n milk kind of day for me but they wouldnt have it that way (of course) ...Ethan wanted rice...Madison...CANDY...the way I was feeling..she could have knock herself out with the whole candy jar....hehe

Then I threw in my bed sheets to get wash (every weeks routine...I gotta change my sheets once a week...) then grab the vacuum...getting it ready for when the 2 lil monkeys finished their breakfast. Chloe napping on the I took this opportunity to get all my phone calls/email in...made appt for all my showing tomorrows. Paid all my bills and called the AC guy to service AC (upstairs unit not getting I would like it too)

I think I had a very productive morning so far....wash/dry 2 loads of clothes, vacuum the whole house, pay all bills and got all appt for showing done..

Hope everyone is having a Great Thursday!!

Cant wait for the WEEKEND....

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