Friday, October 12, 2012

Office Organization

My office was the dumping grounds for EVERYTHING in my house...Whenever there was something that the kids or husband didn't know where it went/belongs....they would just drop it on my desk...It got so bad that I couldn't even walk into without knocking something over ;(

Finally I got so fed up with it and work was starting to get busy for I decided to tackle the office and just PURGE PURGE...I started off with getting rid of all my unnecessary paperwork that was just piling up and taking up space. What was important I kept in a binder....the other stuff I would scan it into my computer/efax for work. I free-up the whole cabinet that I then used to store other necessary paperwork or files.  Even though my office is still a work in looks 100x better and I can get in and out with stumbling onto something ;)

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