Friday, October 19, 2012


What I did was empty out my ENTIRE closet onto my bed and floor of my master bedroom..then I started with my shoes...and changed out all of the hangers so that it will be all the same...I did started using the velvet hangers but I found that for the price it wasnt worth it and it was too flimsy and broke extremely I went back to the white plastic hangers ;) 

I put all of my shoes in a little plastic container and label each box with its content. Took all of my boots out and place them into a plastic container too..since most of my boot boxes were different size and made it way to bulky. 

Next I organized my scarves/belts and place them into a box with a lid...and place those on top of my shelvings....and all my wallets and clutches...since those werent being used as often. 

PURGE what didnt fit or torn..and old...

Stay tune for the FINAL PRODUCT next week ;) 

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