Sunday, October 14, 2012

Girls Closet ---redo

 I gather all the bins that I had and went out and got some more from target and started tackling my girls closet 

clean bedding..and threw away old pillow 

 Chloe side of the closet...with bins under with everyday clothing 

The FINISHED PRODUCT...all 3 girls clothing are all hung up (dresses and coats) and in the bins is everyday clothing..jeans/tshirts/sweats/shorts

BIG bins under is seasonal clothing and baby #4 clothing 

Empty everything out and threw onto bed....
next I sorted all sizes...then purged what was old/torn/stained

separated by size then season or type

Process of emptying out the closet...and wiping it down and vacuum inside the closet..

3 hrs after..I was done and happy as a kid in a candy store ;) 

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