Thursday, September 26, 2013

Egg in a pumpkin

Every morning I TRY to make the kids a hot breakfast and since MY kids love egg and bread (BACON too) 
I usually try to make it different ways so they don't get bored. 
This am.. I took a pumpkin cookie cutter and cut it out on a piece of white bread. 
I slightly spray the pan then toast up one side of the bread first then flip and crack an egg inside. Turn down heat to medium low and COVER with a LID. My kids like it slightly runny so they can take a piece of bread and dip. 
Then I just sprinkle a little salt. 
Plate and use the portion that I cut out as the bread for them


Chuan Vy said...

Thnak you Fellicia, I will cook this food for my boys

Chuan Vy said...

After see the Cloudy with a Chance of meat ball, my son ask me search on google how to cook Tacos. I don't know how to make it. Show me pls