Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ga Xao Xa (Lemongrass Chicken)

Whenever we go to an asian (Vietnamese) restaurant I always order the lemongrass chicken (ga xao xa ot) if its on the menu. I love this dish especially if its spicy and sweet with a very strong lemongrass taste... yummy

4 piece of thigh (cube and deboned.... I like thigh because its more juicy)
8 T fish sauce
3 T sugar ... If you like it sweet.. Add another teaspoon
3 t chili
2 T lemon grass (I like to use the white part... Diced)
2 t garlic minced
*****1/2 C coconut juice .. If you don't have coconut juice (coco roco) add water

Marinate chicken cube in sauce for at least 1 hr in refrigerator.

In a sauté pan put a little 2 T olive oil and 1 t minced garlic and 1 t chopped lemongrass... Sauté up until nice and fragrant ... Keep an eye on it because you don't want it to burn. Pour in your marinated chicken with sauce. Cook on medium heat until chicken is cook about 20 minutes.. Next add 1/2 C coconut juice or water then cook for another 10 minutes
Garnish with sliced white onion or green onion.
Serve with rice
*** if you like it more spicy.. Add more chili.. I add about 4 t of chili because we like it spicy

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