Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Trudy's .. Austin, TX

We were craving for Mexican so we headed for Trudy's...I have heard so much about this place.. We had a 20 minute wait and it was PACKED inside...the food was delicious...

Chip and dips....strawberry margaritas 
I love their salsa..yummy 

Fish Taco 

Fish Taco: breaded tilapia fish fillets, shredded red cabbage/cilantro served with a dipping sauce...

Stuffed Avocado:  A fried, breaded avocado stuffed with
spiced chicken and cheese. Topped with suiza sauce and more cheese. 

Chipotle shrimp and mango quesadilla: Chipotle garlic marinated shrimp, Monterey Jack cheese and  sweet/spicy mango pico de gallo.

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