Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lee Sandwich in Houston,TX

Every time I go to HOUSTON, TX I have to make a stop by Lee's Sandwich before I head home..I always buy the almond croissant ..10 baguettes (different kinds...but my favorite is thit nuong) then I would buy the Deli Manjoo for the kids...and the banh bao...sometimes if I am not going to the Teahouse then I would pick up some of their coffee...

Almond croissant 

Pandan waffle (banh kep la dua) 

Lee Sandwich

Deli manjoo--delicious 

Handy box of 20 for $5.00
Gift box of 24 for $6.00 

Banh Bao: literally "enveloping cake" is a ball-shaped dumpling containing pork or chicken meat, onionseggsmushrooms and vegetables, in Vietnamese cuisine. Additionally the steamed bun often has Chinese sausage and a portion of a hard-boiled egg inside.

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