Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Kim Son Buffet in Houston,TX

This place has the best Vietnamese buffet...I always hit up the "soup" bar...they have like 10 different soups...I have yet to try them all ;(  maybe one day ...

Bun Rieu 

Wonton soup 
Udon soup 

Bun Bo Hue 

Fried Rice 



Banh Xeo 

Banh Xeo 

Roasted Chicken and steam chicken 

If you are ever in Houston,TX  Kim Son Buffet is a must try if you like Vietnamese food...cuz they have all kinds and variety for you to try...I love the soup bar  the most because it comes in a little bowl which gives you a chance to try them out...without having too big of a bowl. 

They also have a meat/seafood/veggies bar ...where you get your items to cook in a hot pot ;) 

Then they have a sushi section also 

It cost $19.95 for adult
$9.95 for big kids (I don't know what age that is) 
$6.95 for small kids ;) 

This was the dinner price when I went 

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