Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I got these great containers from Bed Bath & Beyond.. They are the OXO containers...and everyone knows how much I LOVE OXO ;)

Fill your sink up with water and throw in your lettuce.. Next I throw away all the rotten ones. Take them out and lay them on a dry dish towel. Once they are ALL DRIED. I put them in my OXO container.
I lay 1 sheet of paper towel on the bottom then lay all my lettuce in the container.
Then I lay 1 more piece of paper towel on top ... Close the lid and store in your refrigerator. Every time I need to make a salad or sandwich ... I just grab what I need and replace the paper towel back on top. If your paper towel is damp ... Replace it with another dry sheet. My lettuce have lasted more than 2 weeks in this container before.

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