Sunday, March 24, 2013

Banana Nut Bread w/ pineapple

1 stick melted butter
3/4 C sugar ( u can use 1 C if u like it sweet.. I don't like it to sweet so I cut out 1/4 C)
2 large egg
1 t baking soda
1 t vanilla extract
Pinch of SALT
4 coarsely mashed banana
2 C all purpose flour
3/4 C walnut
**** Optional*** 2 T of crush pineapple.. Next time I am gonna use more cuz the pineapple taste delicious!!

Take your eggs, sugar, vanilla, butter and cream together
Next cream in your flour, salt and baking soda
Then add in your banana n walnut
(If you are adding crush pineapple... Add it now also)

Grease a loaf pan
Bake @350 for 50-60 minutes depending on your oven
Once the stick comes out clear
Take out and wait about 5 minutes then take out the pan and lay on a cooking rack

Delicious.. I like to serve mines with a pat of butter ;)

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