Thursday, March 14, 2013

Glassware Food Stoarge

Which GLASSWARE containers are your favorite?? And why??

My favorite ...PYREX.. All except 2 minor problem!! The lid is too flimsy and cracks so easily!! I have about 4 pieces without lids due to crack/broken... And it does leak if its accidentally flip over or etc ;(
But everything else I love!! I love it cuz it goes in the oven .. I love it cuz it's light weight
So there u have it!! I have some plus n minus about all of them... Wish I can find one that is like the frigoverre one but is OVEN SAFE!! Then that would be perfect!!!

These are the glasslock.. Sorry but these are by far not my favorite.. I don't like them because I find that the lid is so hard to lock .. I have the worst time with them n also the ends (snap part) breaks/cracks really easily. So far I have broke 3 of my containers n if you accidentally put it in the microwave or dishwasher!!! Forget about the lid fitting after... Plus they r not OVEN SAFE !! And they are super heavy

Snap ware
These are my 3rd choice because they are have a really good grip when it comes to spill proof but the same.. The lids are very hard to snap in place.. Not good for my mom... she was having such a hard time closing them ;( Also these container r heavy too. Not oven safe. But I find that these r easier to open n close than the glassware brand

My 2nd choice .. Frigoverre..I WOULD BE MY ALL TIME FAVORITE but it's not oven safe!! Everything else I love about it.. It's lightweight.. Great seal around the container.. Easy to open n close.. Love the colorful variety also ;)
Lids are thicker than the Pyrex also.. So it doesn't crack as easily as the Pyrex

So there you have it...these are just my opinions on these glass containers...I am pretty sure they have plenty more out there on the market that I havent seen or tried...

I am trying to get out of using the plastic containers to store my lefts overs in...

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