Saturday, March 16, 2013

Meal Planning

Monday-- ranch pork chop with mushroom risotto with a side of steam broccoli (tony n butter)
Tuesday--whole fryer .. Bake with ranch dried dressing n Tony n garlic powder.. Butter the whole bird then sprinkle seasoning all over serve with rice pilaf and cucumber... You can use the chicken for lunch on Wednesday to eat over a salad or a chicken wrap... Chicken sandwich
Wednesday--chicken quesadilla (reusing what is left of the chicken) or chicken enchiladas served with buttered corn and yellow rice
Thursday--spaghetti (meat sauce or meatballs.. With a side salad n any left over veggies from week .. I usually buy a huge pack and dump the whole thing in a huge pot .. Season with 1 T garlic powder/1 T Tony/1 t sugar/pepper then I would take 1/2 out and put in container for the next days meal... If ur not gonna eat it the next day.. Store in a container ..label it and put in freezer for that week. I try to eat it that same week or if u throw in freezer.. U will forget n it will be wasteful n u end up throwing it away.. That is why I try to make something back to back using it all... It's great as a dirty rice too!!! Ground meat n rice ( garlic minced..celery..bell pepper..onion)
Friday---taco (using left over ground meat) or chili Mac or sloppy joes
Finishing off the rest of the ground meat n pasta from Thursday

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