Sunday, March 17, 2013

Grocery List and Prepping

1 pack of 6 pork chop (larger if u want to make enough for lunch the next day)
1 whole fryer
1 pack of ground meat ( I buy the 3lb.. For taco n spaghetti meat sauce)
3 bags of frozen broccoli (unless you can get good fresh one)
1 pack of spaghetti noodle (for rice pilaf)
Rice (I already have on hand)
1 box Taco shell hard .. 8 shell pack for us
1 pack of flour tortilla .. Small pack
Butter (1 small tub... Already have on hand)
2 can of kernel (or 1 large bag in the frozen section)
2 can cream of mushroom (for the Porkchop)
2 can of crush tomato (cento brand or San marsano) .. For spaghetti making meat sauce
1 pack mushroom (love mushroom in noir spaghetti meat sauce)
1 jar of pace picayune chunky (for my taco)
Sour cream
1 bag of Mexican cheese blend (for the taco)


broccoli (if u don't want to use the frozen ones)
1 bag Onion
3 bunch Green onion
3 tomato (taco)
Lettuce (taco)
1 pack Celery
2 bell pepper

Breakfast food:
Potato (hash brown)

I make a hot breakfast almost every morning so I put my breakfast list on here also.

And as a treat .. I usually buy 1 box of a certain ice cream for the kids..

And 2 snacks that I use during that week..
This week is gonna be something with Easter.. Not sure until I get to the grocery store tomorrow lol
But I only buy 2!!!

Also if I see another VEGETABLE that is on sale n looks good.. I usually buy 1 of that too because we always have a side of veggies for our dinner.. If its either cucumber.. Cauliflower.. Cabbage .. Asparagus but just 1 !!! Because I already have most of my meals planned for a veggie ready

When u r grocery shopping.. I only buy 5 of things.. Leaving 2 days for either left overs or going out... So it's gonna be 5 veggies n 5 protein!
Those r the items that are usually the expensive ones and goes bad
So like this week.. I actually only bought 4 protein.. Knowing that my chicken will last me for 2 meals because I know my family never finished a whole fryer in 1 meal .
My 3lb ground meat will last me 2 meals n I can prep the same way for both meals.

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